About Us

Home & Family are two terms you will hear over and over again in relation to our philosophy. As an employer, we want to offer a home in a family environment.  



Our philosophy does not only consist of words on a piece of paper, but is much more lived & internalized by us. A kind of self-image in which our goals & basic principles are made accessible to our employees, but also to our customers & guests.


Our history

Hardly any gastronomic business in the capital of Lower Saxony is as broadly positioned as Gastro Trends. Founded in 2017, the company is by no means a gastro newcomer.


Numbers, Data & Facts

Some numbers are worth a thousand words. To help you better estimate the size of Gastro Trends, let’s give you some numbers.



Even though things can move very quickly in the catering industry, we rely on long-term partnerships with our partners. Reliability & trust are the most important parameters for us in this area, which we not only expect from our partners, but also exemplify ourselves. We thank you for the years of cooperation.