Our philosophy does not only consist of words on a piece of paper, but is much more lived & internalized by us. A kind of self-image in which our goals & basic principles are made accessible to our employees, but also to our customers & guests.


We know exactly where we come from. That's why we know where we want to go. We know our home, our partners, suppliers and customers. We are at home in Hanover - from here we reach the whole world.


We offer the highest quality at an attractive price-performance ratio. Products, preparation, presentation and gastronomic concept fit exactly to the diverse occasions of our customers.


We are young, we have power, we go forward with confidence. We don't wait for new trends - we set them ourselves. The gastronomic experience of our network is our compass and guides us as we explore new territory with curiosity and excitement.


We are always both: perfect host and serious entrepreneur. Our size enables us to offer gastronomic diversity in scalable dimensions - with maximum effectiveness and absolute reliability.

Werte Gastro-Trends