Our history

Hardly any gastronomic business in the capital of Lower Saxony is as broadly positioned as Gastro Trends. Founded in 2017, the company is by no means a gastro newcomer.

The management consists of concentrated experience (Winfried Kirchner & Wolfgang Hensoldt) and innovative ideas (Björn Hensoldt, Moritz Mestwerdt, Simon Ario & Timo Holtmann) together. The two senior partners have been active in the restaurant business for over 40 years and have passed on their knowledge over the years.

Catering, gastronomy and events from a single source

The company includes the Reimanns Eck and the Vier Jahreszeiten – restaurants with German cuisine, the Schateke – rustic old town pub, Reimanns Fische – snack bar at the Maschsee, the Stamme 96 – sports bar in the club sports center of Hannover 96, Hagedorn Eventcatering, Berrymans Catering as well as Essklusiv Catering- Event- & Messecatering. In addition, seasonal highlights such as the Winter Magic – Tannenwald, the Clichy & Casa Blanca – at the Maschsee Festival as well as five different public viewings for the European and World Cups.

As long-time caterers, Hagedorn, Berrymans & Essklusiv Catering have extensive expertise in all aspects of catering. The merger of the two parties has expanded the market and created synergies. Since then, events of all kinds can be implemented.

Job and training at Gastro Trends Hannover

Career-wise, the company is also an exciting place to work. Employees from a wide range of nations work together successfully here in various areas. In addition, Gastro Trends also trains: Chefs, restaurant assistants, event managers & logistics staff.

With its extensive range of locations and services, coupled with its experience and exciting career opportunities, Gastro Trends is poised to take the hospitality industry in Hanover to a new level.

Decisive events


Entry into the gastronomy business in Hanover by Wolfgang Hensoldt & Winfried Kirchner, at that time under the company name “Hensoldt, Kircher & Partner”.


Opening of the Vier Jahreszeiten & various pubs in Hanover


Opening of the Waterloo Biergarten, first beer garden in Hanover


Takeover of the Schateke in the old town & the university beer garden (most recently Leibniz Lounge) 


Foundation of Berrymans Catering by Timo Holtmann and Christian Behrends

Opening of the company canteen in the Lower Saxony Ministry of Social Affairs


Takeover of the company canteen at the Hannover-Süd tax office.

Start of daily supply of 5 schools/primary schools


Takeover of the company canteen BRUGG Rohrsysteme (Wunstorf)


Sons Björn Hensoldt and Robert Kirchner become involved and take over operational responsibility for the gastronomy properties in Hanover 


Takeover of the Nordkurve, Hannover’s sports bar at the Heinz von Heiden Arena


Move to Bornum (newly built production)

Complete move away from communal catering

Full concentration on the event business


Takeover of Essklusiv Catering (founded in 2004) from Olaf Heidtke and Christoph Dörr


Takeover of Reimanns Eck and Clichy from Ekkehard Reimann


First time hosting the Clichy at Maschseefest


Gastro Trends Hannover GmbH is founded. Moritz Mestwerdt and Simon Ario join the company as managing partners. 


Renewed takeover of the Vier Jahreszeiten & the Clubhaus H96 from Carsten Aschenbach


Takeover of Hagedorn Eventcatering from Stephan Hagedorn


Management of the “Seewirtschaft” at the Maschsee Festival


First sale of the traditional Clichy geese at Christmas time


Opening of the sports bar “Stamme 96” in the club centre of Hannover 96


Acanto takeover (event location)


Foundation of Gourmetwunder GbR together with B&B Marketingagentur


Merger with Berrymans Catering and Essklusiv Catering. Timo Holtmann becomes Managing Partner at Gastro Trends 


Transfer of Gourmetwunder GbR to Gastro Trends Hannover GmbH